Fewer Better Things. Chose a Kids Poncho Towel and break Fast Fashion Habits

Towel - Fewer Better Things. Chose a Kids Poncho Towel and break Fast Fashion Habits

It's no secret that my toddler is a water baby. I mean, if there's water around, it's safe to say she will be paddling. As the weather is not great in UK at the moment, we go swimming once a week to help my two years old girl build confidence around water.


Have you ever tried keep a wet child warm, and drying them off, after a play session in the water though... hard, isn't it? Towels just don't hang around well and children either end up all wrapped up and unable to move or freezing when the towel keeps falling off.


I also must confess, taking her out of the water at bath time is still a war that I’m not always winning so being quick and making the entire experience fun is a must. Finding a children’s towelling poncho that is good quality and will be enjoyed by my daughter was hard enough let along not costing a fortune.


That’s when we decided to launch our Kids Hooded Poncho Towel that will tick all my boxes and most importantly hers. Soft, super absorbent and made from 100% luxurious natural combed cotton our kids beach towels are a must and not only for beach days.


As we believe that bath time or a pool day should be fun for all ages, we decided to have these hooded towels for big kids also, oh and so glad we did.


Sometimes she is even asking to wear it as a kids hooded blanket around the house ROOOARING like a lion chasing us 😊

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