What are unisex baby or kids clothes? Gender Stereotypes and how you can avoid falling into them

Unisex clothes are designed to be worn by children of either sex. Simple and obvious right? You would expect that any toddler can pretty much wear anything at that age and the clothes should really be picked mainly by functionality.

But nowadays is not really that simple anymore. It comes down to what society expects a boy or a girl to wear. It’s not about the wearability of the clothes themselves; it’s about the associations we make when we see them. 

We expect that dresses and skirts will be worn by girls but these gender-based associations have crept into colours, patterns, prints, fonts, trims, even the fit of an item. 


If you walk into (or log onto) pretty much any High Street kids clothing store, you will see an actual and stylistic divide between boys' and girls’ clothes that goes way beyond skirts:

    • Colours - pink, purple, pastels & lighter colours for girls, blue, red, black & darker colours for boys
    • Designs - sweet and cute for girls (princesses, unicorns, baby animals, flowers), active and aggressive for boys (vehicles, dinosaurs, wild animals, superheroes and space)
    • Fonts - smaller and more decorative for girls, larger and bolder for boys
    • Trims - decorative ribbons, frills, bows, glitter etc for girls, plain for boys
    • Fit - often tighter and shorter for girls, looser and longer for boys

    (If you don’t believe me, just take a quick look at Next, H&M, M&S, your nearest supermarket…)


    For us is important that we break this gender stereotypes and contribute to a more equal and natural way of approaching this.

    If you buy unisex baby or kids clothes at a store like ours, you’ll find:

    • No divide between boys and girls clothes at all - shop by age or type of clothes instead
    • All the colours of the rainbow to choose from
    • Original designs that any child can wear - and then pass on to siblings, cousins, friends
    • Comfortable, practical styles to play and grow in, from rolling and crawling to running and jumping
    • No old-fashioned gender stereotyping whatsoever

    Let's give children the freedom to like and wear whatever they want.


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