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Clothing - Kids Fall & Winter Wardrobe Essentials  on a BUDGET

Kids Fall & Winter Wardrobe Essentials on a BUDGET

Kids Fall & Winter Wardrobe Essentials on a BUDGET

Below are all of the essential clothing items for a typical cold weather, especially here in the UK kids fall/winter wardrobe.

The advantage is that our ribbed cotton collection comes in hand as you can wear them as pyjamas, nursery, playground and overall day to day 2 piece outfit so the list get's way smaller saving you money, time spend to prepare the outfits and space in the wardrobe or the laundry basket :)

Clothing - Kids Fall & Winter Wardrobe Essentials  on a BUDGET

I’ve broken the essentials into five categories: tops, bottoms, underthings, footwear, and outerwear and listed the number of items we typically have in each category to give you an idea of how much you might need. 

Keep in mind we do a load of laundry roughly every other day, about 5-6 loads per week for our active family of 4(Luna gets load of towels dirty after her daily walks:). 

Person - Kids Fall & Winter Wardrobe Essentials  on a BUDGET


Your needs will vary depending on whether you do laundry more or less frequently. If you do laundry about once per week you’ll probably want at least 4-5 ribbed sets in different colours that you can also mix and match. I will personally go with 7-8 of each undershirts/layering tees, socks, and underwear since these items typically need a wash after every wear. 


  •  DreamBuy Ribbed Cotton Coord sets (4-5)
  • Sweaters (1-2)
  • Dress (girl) or dress shirt (boy) (1-2)


  • Already coverd with our 2 piece sets  (4-5)
  • Jeans (1-2)


  • Undershirts/layering tees/tanks (4-5)
  • Socks (4-5)
  • Tights (girl) (1-2)
  • Underwear (5-6)


  • Sneakers (2; one nicer pair and one for getting dirty)
  • Nicer shoes (1) 
  • Winter boots (1)
  • Slippers (1)


  • Light jacket (1)
  • Midweight jacket (1) 
  • Winter coat (1)
  • Snow pants/suit (1) 
  • Hat (1-2)
  • Gloves/Mittens (2)
  • Scarf (1) 

Let us know if you have any must haves that we might've missed in the comments section down below :)

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